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Shoutcast with Mac OSX

- Page under development -

Some DJ software for Mac don't have the possibility to upstream to a shoutcast server.

There is a possibility to solve this with the installation of two additional tools

The first tool is Soundflower ( ).
With Soundflower you create two virtual audio devices on your Mac.

The second tool is Butt ( )
With Butt it is possible to stream with the Soundflower channels as source (or line input)


First install both Soundflower and Butt.

Set the main output of your DJ tool to the Soundflower (2ch) device.

If it is not possible to select the output in your software (e.g. you want to play with iTunes) you need to set the main output of your Mac to the soundflower 2ch device in your system preferences.


The soundflower needs to be running, no additional configuration needed.


In Butt select the Soundflower (2ch) device as the Audio device on the main settings tab

Add a server:


Select ShoutCast

Fill in:
  • the server address of your stream
  • your stream port number
  • your stream password

Add the stream info:


Fill in:
  • Name
And optional:
  • Destriction
  • Genre
  • URL

These fields will be showed while sttreaming

Configure your stream settings:


Set the stream settings here.

Your song info is not displayed by your music software. You can add a manual tittle in a file or manual here.

Save the settings.

Start the stream, and play your music.